Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wow, it has been a long time.  Almost three years... A lot has happened--I now have 4 kids are now in High School.  We have become those parents who are at sports several evenings a week.  Have really enjoyed watching the kids grow in their abilities.  The girls play volleyball and basketball.  The boys play soccer.  Z plays basketball and T manages the team.  We've been to Washington DC for a family trip, Florida and TN for sports tournaments, The Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Kentucky for family vacations.  We've also made several trips back to Duluth.  Duluth still feels like home in a lot of ways, but we are happy here in Rockford.  I will probably always miss Lake Superior and the easy to get to beauty of the light houses and water falls.  So far, we've been blessed to be able to go back at least once a year so I get my battery recharge. 

On the job front, I started a new position at my employer--I have left management behind and I am now a Process Improvement Specialist.  Our job is to find areas that can be improved to save time and money.  The concept is called Lean and started in manufacturing, but it catching on in Health Care (long overdue!).  We also teach classes that are aimed at creating a culture of frontline staff up to the top of the organization looking at Process Improvement.  I am enjoying it.  I get to teach and be a cheer leader for making Healthcare better for patients, staff and physicians!

We are involved in our church.  We work a lot with the teens and have enjoyed seeing them grow spiritually. 

We also ventured out and bought a house.  God worked in many ways to make this happen.   It was a short sale which are notorious for taking over a year.  We closed within two months of our offer!  It is 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms.  Definitely the biggest house I've lived in at 3200 square feet.  It is a bit of a project but we are enjoying making it our own. 

My latest project...Process Improvement meets Craft Room...