Saturday, June 25, 2011

Valley Fair

I took the day off yesterday, didn't look at or read a single e-mail from work.  Kind of proud of myself for that!!!  First time I've been "off" and completely ignored e-mail.  :)

The kids and I went with a friend and three of her boys to Valley Fair, an amusement park similar to Six Flags.  We had a great time.  This was the first time the kids went to an amusement park.  They've been to a couple of carnivals.  At first they weren't all real adventurous, but as the day went on they got braver.  :)  The High Roller roller coaster was their collective favorite ride.  My dad would have been proud of them, the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags was his favorite ride.  We didn't get everyone to ride some of the upside down rides, but all in all we rode about everything. 
Favorite rides:

T--Wild Thing
E--Scrambler, High Roller
K--Ship that when all the way around
Z--High Roller

Z isn't real sure about the Corkscrew.   T and Z wouldn't ride Steel Venom or the ship that goes upside down or the Power Tower.  The girls were the most adventerous, suprisingly.  :)  The kids have decided we should go back at least yearly.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I was able to get my garden in before Memorial Day.  A friend brought me some fresh asparagus and I got to thinking that asparagus would be a nice addition to my garden.  I asked if they knew where I could buy some.  I couldn't recall seeing it anywhere to buy.  They told me to come over and dig some up. I couldn't find my shovel so I headed out with a trowel, garden gloves and a prayer that if needed they'd let me borrow a shovel. 

Let me tell you, aparagus is some tough stuff with HUGE root systems that are pretty thick and deep.  I won the battle, but it was a fight!!!  Asparagus is a worthy opponent.  I had sweat dripping off my forhead and I honestly can't tell you the last time that happened up here!  I got is home and got it planted in a nice sunny spot.  Can't wait to pick some next spring!

Memorial Day Weekend

We were able to go camping this year.  Can't say the weather was beautiful, but it did only rain at night (thunderstorm night before we're going to leave so everything is soaked to pack up!--gotta love the adventure!)  We went to Charles Lindbergh State Park.  It is a lovely park with lots of wild flowers, which I love.  Charles Lindbergh's mom's house is in the park and was donated to the Park Service.  It was interesting to relearn about him and learn some new things also.  We toured his house.  It was a nice farm house.  He was basically responsible for the farm during his High School years.

We also took the kids fishing and the closest we came to catching one was to have the bait stolen!

Duke enjoyed camping but was pretty exhausted by the time we got and just flopped on the couch and didn't stir again until about 10am the next morning!