Saturday, June 25, 2011

Valley Fair

I took the day off yesterday, didn't look at or read a single e-mail from work.  Kind of proud of myself for that!!!  First time I've been "off" and completely ignored e-mail.  :)

The kids and I went with a friend and three of her boys to Valley Fair, an amusement park similar to Six Flags.  We had a great time.  This was the first time the kids went to an amusement park.  They've been to a couple of carnivals.  At first they weren't all real adventurous, but as the day went on they got braver.  :)  The High Roller roller coaster was their collective favorite ride.  My dad would have been proud of them, the Screaming Eagle at Six Flags was his favorite ride.  We didn't get everyone to ride some of the upside down rides, but all in all we rode about everything. 
Favorite rides:

T--Wild Thing
E--Scrambler, High Roller
K--Ship that when all the way around
Z--High Roller

Z isn't real sure about the Corkscrew.   T and Z wouldn't ride Steel Venom or the ship that goes upside down or the Power Tower.  The girls were the most adventerous, suprisingly.  :)  The kids have decided we should go back at least yearly.

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