Saturday, August 20, 2011

E's first youth group slumber party

The guys went on a camp out with some men from our church for a couple of days so we had a slumber party at our house for the youth group girls.  Complete with decorating flip-flops and toes!!!  We also had a great time playing crazy uno, eating homemade icecream, and chatting.  Duke (our dog)-the only guy allowed provided entertainment.  He tried to eat a cotton ball I threw up in the air and he caught in his mouth, was terrified of the nail polish remover and would run frantically away from it.  He also would rub his nose and face on his bed if he smell the nail polish.  Duke did end up with pink and green front toe nails and pink and silver back toe nails.  It only took 3 people to accomplish this, largely due to attention span more than due to having to wrestle him.  :)

Pics below:
Emily's toes
 My toes

Emily's flip flops
My flip flops turned into a fun summer decoration  :)
I hot glued them together and then glued a ribbon on the back to hang them.

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