Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We woke up to our first day at the Grand Canyon and discovered that the Grand Canyon had a lot of bees that seem to like the dead bugs on our van and the dish washing sink.  We also found out that there are lots of Ravens that are basically flying rats and eat anything!

Mike headed off to Flagstaff to get the brakes on the van checked out since they were making some horrible noises!  The rest of us set off to do our laundry at the camper services building, we took a rather scenic route back, but were never lost--of course.  We also figured out how to ride the Grand Canyon Buses, we rode a bit further than we planned, but got to see more of the park that way.  :o)  We god to see the Grand Canyon at dusk and even saw our first tarantula--YUCK!!!  We ended the night with smores around the campfire.

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