Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello again!

I realize my blog has been quite neglected, largely due to my job that takes more time.  It has been interesting to see how the Lord leads.  I applied for a job working as a manager and RN.  I truly loved this job and really felt comfortable with the work and the people.  The end of December, however, God saw fit to shake my work life up well, A LOT.  I went from having 18 people, including docs and 2 departments to manage to 47 people and essentially 4 departments!  It has been interesting and frankly difficult.  I also got a new boss out of the deal.  It has been interesting because my last boss had a hands-off approach and my new boss is much more involved.  This isn't bad, just different.  I also gave up all nursing duties.  This was probably the hardest thing for me.  I now only talk to patients when they are upset about something!  I have always enjoyed caring for patients.  I am grateful for the lessons I've learned and continue to learn along the way.  I feel truly blessed to know that God is in charge and even when we end up with something we didn't ask for and wasn't necessarily "fair," we can rest knowing that God is with us and has something to teach us!

Speaking of work, today started off as quite an adventure!  I received my second call in for the day at 0620!  My first was yesterday afternoon.  This is in addition to one person on maternity leave and another on vacation.  Did I mention on of the docs put himself out for vacation, then changed his mind and was now going to be in the office, so we were pretty skeleton crewed before the first call in!  I had to figure out how to rearrange staff as I had 2 docs in neighborhood sites...  This meant I needed to call 5 employees to rearrange where/what time they would arrive.  Oh AND get the kids ready and out the door!!!  When I arrived at work I had a brief panic attack as I was walking in and quickly looked down at my clothes to make sure they matched as I had no idea what skirt I grabbed out of the closet and hoped it matched my shirt.  :)  They did match--God even cares if we match apparently!

Funny moment #1 at work--My optical staff told me we received an advertisement display from a frame company that had an immodestly dressed lady on it.  I thanked her for being attentive to this because as an organization would want to be sensitive about this.  As I was walking across our skywalk later in the day I happened to glance over at our life-size bronze statues of the "naked" family as everyone calls them because they are well, naked.  I have no idea why one would create this, let alone buy it, let alone display it, but this is what we have in front of one of our buildings.  You have to admit this is pretty ironic!!!  So thankful my staff are sensitive about this, however!

Funny moment #2--we are going to have virtual take your child to work day.  How does that work????  This concept made me giggle.  On Thursday, we are supposed to talk to our kids about work and they have a video they can watch... I do appreciate the thought and effort that is going into this--they've come up with some activities you can do with your kids.  I just think it should be tell your child about your work day...  Here's hoping we can become virtual workers soon.  :)

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