Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventures with Kids

On Wednesday morning, the morning started off fairly well. We had been given a bean bag chair that Mike had just brought in from the trunk. The kids were pretty excited about it. "Z" decided to jump on it, but did not think about momentum and the rocking chair right in front of the bean bag chair!!! I heard crying and went to investigate. He was obviously hurt, so I picked him up and "K" said, "Look, there's blood!" Sure enough, he had cut his forehead pretty good. I wet a washcloth and had him hold it on his head with some ice and then went upstairs to get the butterfly bandages, but we were all out! I was not yet dressed and still had a towel around my hair. I told the kids to help him get his shoes on while I quick got dressed and ran a comb through my hair. We headed to Wal-Mart with the wash cloth and ice on his head. I bandaged his head with the butterfly bandages in the isle at Wal-mart. I let the curious clerk know I did plan on paying for the whole box! I was late for work--I told my boss due to adventure at home! "Z " is doing fine.

Sp"egg"tacular Kids!

On Wednesday when I got home from work, the kids told me the neighbor lady had gone to a place that was giving away free food. She had gotten a 30lb (yes, I mean pounds, NOT ounces!!!) box of frozen, already cooked scrambled eggs. She didn't have room in her freezer for them, so she thought of us! :o) The kids are quite proud of themselves for this WONDERFUL find!!! They put them in the refrigerator in the basement, because--surprise, surprise, they couldn't get them in the freezer. I would have liked to see them get that box down the stairs and into the 'fridge! I checked the dates on the box and the eggs are still fine, they were in a sealed box in plastic. I didn't know such a thing as frozen precooked scrambled eggs existed! Since I had church and couldn't deal with them at the moment, I turned the fridge all the way up and dealt with them later. To put the amount of eggs in perspective, they filled 10 gallon freezer bags!!! I am pretty sure we will NOT eat an entire bag of eggs for one meal!!!

Oh, yeah, the neighbor lady suggested to the kids that some of the other neighbors might want some, so last night they went door to door asking our neighbors if they wanted some of the eggs. Suprisingly, everyone said NO!!!!

Anyone out there want some frozen, precooked scrambled eggs??? I have thought of a list of ways to get rid of them:

  1. Give them away as Christmas gifts.
  2. Serve scrambled eggs every time I have company.
  3. Every time someone comes over, sneak a bag into their trunk.
  4. Every time I have company, serve scrambled eggs.
  5. Cook lots of breakfast burritos.
  6. Sneak them into parked cars along my street.
  7. When I have someone over for a meal, serve scrambled eggs.
  8. Beg people for recipes involving scrambled eggs.
  9. When I take a meal to someone, use scrambled eggs.
  10. Use them for art projects--just kidding!
  11. When I ask someone over for a meal, serve scrambled eggs.
  12. Take scrambled egg salad to the steak dinner at church.--the kids think this sounds gross.

Anyone want to come over to my house, I have a lovely menu planned!!!

I am thankful for my kids that are always looking for ways to save me money and for free food!!!

After eating all these eggs, we may turn into chickens--you'll know our family by the way we all walk in a nice row, clucking!!! Maybe Hubby will start waking us up with a cock-a-doodle-doo!!!


Sarah said...

Pre-cooked scrambled eggs, huh? What an odd idea. Maybe instead of a steak dinner we should have a steak breakfast.

Becky said...

I thought about that. I guess I have to settle for scrambled egg salad. By the way, you want to come over soon?

BostonT said...

After reading this lovely blog, and hearing of your planned menus, Mom and I have decided to bring all of our own food. That way it will save YOU money and time, it's all for YOU! lol....