Friday, August 21, 2009

Out of Town

I was out of town for a conference for work. It was educational, but not really fun. The drive back was way more adventure than I like. I had to drive through St. Paul on my way back. I readily admit to being a country bumpkin and HATE driving in places I don't know really well and really dislike big cities. It was POURING rain AND everywhere I was driving they would put a tornado watch for that area until I was about an hour from home where good ole' Lake Superior calms the storm.

I keep hoping things will become more "normal" around here so I can get back into a routine. I hadn't realized how much I like a "boring" routine until it has been interrupted for over a month!!!

We had a nice weekend, busy but nice. We went to Duluth and spent some time at the Lakewalk. The kids played in the water while shivering. Duke liked to attack the waves as they rolled in, it was pretty hilarious to watch. Gotta wonder what he was thinking!

"T" informed me yesterday when I was teasing him about continuing to grow, even though I have told him repeatedly to stop that if he stopped growing he would have a lot of big clothes. :o) I tend to buy things like suits a size too big so he can get more wear out of it and the suit I bought him in March too big is fitting him pretty good now.

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