Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cub Scout Cake Auction 2010

"T"'s Car--Blue Racer
We had fun with this one. It almost out ran us though. The coconut is a point of contention with some family members, but that just leaves more cake for those of us who aren't so picky! :o)

" Z"'s cake--Black Forest Torte--turned into--Death by Chocolate Tarantula!!!
This cake started out as a black forest torte because the chocolate and cherries looked so yummy. We then decided to turn it into a tarantula so we changed the icing to chocolate and added the "decorations." By the end of the night it was beginning to ooze guts which made it an even better tarantula cake. It was still quite yummy. :o)

As always there were lots of fancy cakes at the cake auctions. Cakes that are far above my ability. The boys bought back their own cakes and are happy with them. Such sweet kids! "T" got his for a bargain $10. "Z" bid $22 for his first bid, the auctioneer said $20, "Z" said no, $22 so he got his cake for $22 (the most he was allowed to bid). The money goes back to the Cub Scouts and they will give part to the Haitian relief fund also.

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Sarah said...

The story of how the cake turned into a spider is so funny! Typically Z. He was telling me about a "cute" movie he had seen that included cockroaches and a creature with five eyes. He's totally boy. :~)