Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a nice, quiet weekend. I introduced the kids to "The Farming Game". It is kind of like Monopoly, but with farming twist. I've had this game since I was a kid and have spent many an hour playing it. It is nice because though you can count up the worth of someone when you finish playing, there really aren't any losers. You buy farmland and cows, then travel around the board and when you land on a spot to harvest, you roll the die to find out how "good" of a harvest you had. The kids have played it every day since.

We also tackled the boys' room and reaaranged it so we could fit a big table in it for their train set. It feels great to know their room is really clean, nothing hiding behind anything. I must say, though that it was pretty impressive to see all that could fit behind and under one small dresser!!! We got rid of a lot of stuff also. :O)

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