Saturday, June 5, 2010

Really haven't forgotten my blog!

So sorry to have neglected my blog lately.  It seems that my brain is having a hard time coming up with posts of late.  I think that I have been using all its energy to learn my new job and there is very little left for posting.  My schedule has also changed in that I leave for work over an hour earlier, so I no longer have time in the morning to post and by the time I get home, my brain is just too tired!

To catch up:

Work is going really well. I am really enjoying my new job.  The people have been very kind and understanding about all I have to learn!  The doctors are not only nice, but also very smart and caring.  It is pretty difficult to work with doctors that are either difficult to get along with or that you can't recommend whole heartedly!  I feel amazingly blessed that God saw fit to give me this job.  It is neat to look back and see how He HAS been answering my prayer regarding finding a new job over the past year, He was preparing just the job for me.  At times when I feel a little overwhelmed with all I need to learn, I remind myself that God clearly gave me this job and He doesn't call someone to something they are going to fail in!  He will and has given me the wisdom I need when I needed it.  How great to serve a God who helps us when we need it.  It has also been really nice to enjoy going to work again.  The days are flying by, I've even a couple of time stayed later than I meant to without realizing the time!  It is kind of amazing to realize how much less stressed I am, even with learning a new job and field of medicine than at my old job.  I miss the people I used to work with, but not the job itself. 

Family life:
We had a nice Memorial Day weekend--
On Saturday, hubby and I got to go out for out 12th anniversary.  We went to a nice, authentic Italian restaurant with great food, then for a walk along the Lake Walk and for icecream. 
On Memorial Day, we had a picnic with friends in a beautiful park that has a river running through it, so the kids were able to catch cray fish and tadpoles.  We also had a nice time hiking.  We also got the vegetable garden planted.  (For those of you who live south of us, we are not procrastinators, you just can't trust is not to frost until now!!!)

Today we went to the open house for our pastor and his wife for their 40th anniversary.  What a testimony they have been over the years!

Hopefully, I can pay a bit more attention to my blog, but have decided not to stress about it.  :o)

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