Tuesday, May 1, 2012

High Maintenance

I now manage an optical shop.  Part of my Christmas gift from work--in addition to the 29 extra personnel to manage and two new departments... 

Anyway, I pushed for us to start carrying Coach frames since I see a lot of Coach handbags around work.  I let the head doctor of Ophthalmology know we were getting Coach, so we would be adding to our designer lines since we already had Jimmy Choo and Kate Spade--"whom I had never heard of before starting there, but seems to be popular with the wealthier echelon."  He looked at me rather surprised and said, "You apparently don't have a high maintenance wife."  Apparently my husband doesn't either.  I decided to google Kate Spade and discovered their purses are about $400 each.  Amazing! I think my purse would have to double as a dishwasher for me to pay $400 for it!!!

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