Monday, May 21, 2012

Week Recap

Last Wednesday I picked up the kids and excitedly asked "Who wants to go with me to Christopher and Banks?"  There was complete silence until K says "chirp, chirp, chirp."  The kids then informed that was the crickets chirping while laughing hysterically.  I told them they were all brats and I should trade them in for 4 well-behaved kids!  E then informed me that this would be impossible and went on to tell me about many other kids in our circle of influence who I should be glad aren't mine due to ________________.  I told her I was glad she was so humble, but agreed I really didn't want to trade them in!

K decided on Thursday morning to ride in the front seat and was quite proud she beat her siblings to the seat.  Remembering her oneriness the night before, I looked at the Air bag off indicator light and explained to her that we have a VERY smart van that can detect brats and when it realized there is a brat in the seat, it turns on the brat detector light.  I pointed out the light does NOT come on when I am in the seat because I am NOT a brat!  She disagrees with me...  It was pretty hilarious on Friday when we went to give an adult friend a ride home and the light turned on for a long 10 second.  The kids were convinced she was a brat.  :) 

This week E was given some dresses and 2 were not to her taste. I remember those days (sorry, Mom) as a pre-teen and teen when I was pretty picky about what I wanted to wear, so I offered to take the decorations off of the dresses she didn't like and we could look for ribbon, etc. to redecorate the dresses--for instance she does not think that pink and red should EVER go together.   We took the two dresses to Walmart and she picked out new decorations.  I hand sewed decorations to one of the dresses and a ribbon to the waste of the other.  She wants 15 small bows with pearls in the middle sewed to the bodice of the one with the ribbon.  I told her this would be a great learning opportunity for her!  Surprisingly, her part isn't done yet...

We had a great Bible Conference on the book of Philippians.  On Friday night he talked about Approving those things that are excellent.  If you really think about this a lot, it really puts things into perspective and helps with temptations that come your way! 

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