Friday, December 14, 2012

Springing the dog from jail!

Our naughty boxer escaped last night due to a couple of inattentive kids who did not close the door behind, them.  It doesn't help that our door does not latch...  We spent quite awhile looking for him last night and calling for him, but could not find him.  He didn't have on a collar because he was in the house, so this added to my concern for him being found.  Last night was a long night and I didn't sleep well listening for him to come home and praying he was okay and not freezing to death!  Boxers don't have much hair! No Duke this morning.  :( 

I had a job interview today--90 minutes of What do you do if this happens?  Tell us about a time you handled a tough situation... How could you have handled it better, etc.  Difficult for an exhausted brain, I must say!

After the job interview, I drove around our neighborhood several times and stopped by home to make posters to put up.  I was going to go to the nearby strip malls to see if any stores would let me hang up posters.  I pulled into a parking space and didn't have peace about going in.  I decided to wait until after I went to the Animal Shelter. 

GOOD NEWS--He was there.  I went up to the counter and asked if I could fill out a missing pet report.  They asked what kind of pet, I said a boxer.  They said, Is he well behaved and knows sit and down?  I agreed he knows sit and down, the well behaved was in question since I was there!!!  They walked me through the kennels--LOTS of pit bull--makes me sad to see so many dogs waiting for homes.  Anyway, HE WAS THERE.  VERY happy to see me.  Springing him from jail cost almost as much as we paid for him, but he is microchipped and current on all vaccinations and licensed.  Since he didn't have on a collar, they gave him all vaccines-- and put some kind of flee killer on him...  I don't have to take him to the vet for a year and the vaccines would probably cost more at the vet.  We've had several good talks with the kids about responsibility and also how to handle sad situations and leaving God in charge.

Hoping for a little less adventure!

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