Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Big Move

Our family recently moved from Northern Minnesota to Northern Illinois due to my husband's job.  We prayed about this and know this is God's will.  This moves allows our children to go to a good Christian School that believes as we do. 

What I've learned along the way:

Warning--Ramblings ahead!!!!

  1. God can provide just the skill you need for loading and unloading your moving truck.  We were so blessed to have several men from our church come out to help us load our truck.  We had several strong backs, a tall person for getting everything packed in to the ceiling--and a puzzle master--he was able to figure out how to put things in to maximize space so we could get everything we needed in!!!  When we got to Rockford, we had about 12 men come to help us unload.  I could barely keep up with telling them where to put things!  I had the kids show them where to go and the five of us didn't always keep up!  These kind people--all except one -had never even met us before.  Our truck was unloaded in about 1.5 hours!!!
  2. Putting styrofoam plates between your plates is a cheap and effective way to keep your plates safe!  Love this tip I read online!!!  No broken plates!!!
  3. Unpacking takes longer than I thought.  Upstairs done, craft/sewing/guest room almost--basement almost!!!  Will probably take a detour to decorate for Christmas this weekend!
  4. It is possible for your heart to be quite stubborn and refuse to catch up with your brain--or body for that matter.  My brain realizes this is all for the best and I really do think this move is part of God's plan for our family.  My heart however, misses much back in Minnesota.  Just when I think I have finally lectured my heart into compliance, I find myself crying again.  What a silly heart!!!  I keep telling it that we were incredibly blessed to have lived 14 years in such a beautiful area as Northern Minnesota and meet such great people, etc and many people never get an opportunity to be so blessed!!!  Thankfully, my heart is listening more and more each day.  :)
  5. Leaving the job you love IS hard--harder than I thought.  I really miss my coworkers.  They were a great group of people.  I think that being the manager makes me feel a bit like the mom, so I feel like I've left behind part of my family.  It would probably help if I had another job. I truly feel blessed to have worked with such a great group of people and am trying to remember that most people don't get the opportunity to work in a job they enjoy enough and have such great coworkers that they cry when they leave.  :)  I really miss each one of them...  It makes me sad to think about their day and wonder how things are going--need to stop thinking about it!!!  :)
  6. Finding a new job can be a challenge!!!  When someone calls from a company you have interviewed with 3 different people and have been told that they would like to hire you after the beginning of the year and tells you they are excited that the opportunity opened up sooner than expected and ask you how soon you can start--this does not mean you really have a job!  Apparently the local office and corporate offices had completely different ideas and plans.  I am relieved at this point to be done with the whole thing and know that God has something else in mind.  Just wish that something else did NOT require filling out more resumes and going to more interviews.  Alas, I'm sure this is building my character!  On the upside, I have a second interview tomorrow.  The first was for a supervisor position.  Today, I got a call from a director telling me they had a manager position coming open and wondered if I would like to come in for an interview--tomorrow!!! I know that there are no manager jobs posted--I keep looking... Didn't take me long to say YES!  ;)  She couldn't tell me what departments...  It sounds like may be thinking about doing a bit of shuffling around.  Glad I can trust God to sort it all out.  I have realized through all this that I really do miss being in a doctor's office and would like to continue to work in the office setting.  This organization also offers more paid time off than my last job--not counting holidays--will be about 4 weeks/year!!!  I really think I got spoiled in my last job hunt that required filling out 3 applications and one interview.  So far, this job hunt has required--5 applications; 4 in-person interviews and 3 phone interviews.  I really can't complain--there are people who has spent far more time trying to find a job than I have thus far!  I am thankful God has helped me to leave this all at His feet.  I'm sure God has a job out there for me and we are currently okay with my not working at this moment.  The moment doesn't last that long, but no one in danger of going hungry yet.  :)
  7. Home schooled kids can be successful in a regular school.  We are again so blessed to be able to have our kids in such a wonderful Christian school.  The kids at the school have embraced our kids--okay, so the two girls amongst the 6 boys in Z's class weren't so thrilled about another boy...  E and Z are playing basketball.  The girls have been invited to birthday parties.  T and E have been to a youth activity.   Our kids have commented over and over about how they enjoy going to school and are enjoying the friends they have made.  They are also learning a bit about both good and bad influences, which is good as well.  :)  The teachers and administrator have commented quite a few times about how happy they are with the way they have jumped right in and are participating in class, etc.  
  8. Last, but certainly not least, God can give you a new church home.  When you are part of God's family, you really have family all over the world.  People who aren't part of God's family are amazed by it.  You can walk into a new church and instantly feel a kinship with those at the church.  We are enjoying our new church.  In addition to men showing up to help us unload our van, we also had ladies bring us food that lasted us for several DAYS worth of meals.  The pastor has been such a blessing.  He exudes joy.  I have heard about people who make you smile then they walk into a room, but don't think I have ever met someone I could say this about until now.  He is also quite practical and I leave each service having learned something and having been challenged.
 If you know me personally and would detailed like more information about our move--address, church, etc, please e-mail me.  Since this is a public blog, I keep personal details generalized.

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