Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trips and Kids

My journey to the northern most part of Minnesota went well. Listened to Ann of Avonlea which made the trip go much faster. :o) The office manager and I had a nice time. I even got to visit Warroad! Not many people have heard of Warroad, much less been there! It is the home of Marvin Windows. I got to eat venison roast cooked by an avid hunter, it had nice flavor. Unfortunately, it was not enjoyed so much by the newest hunter in the home and my hostess. It looks like I may be taking more trips to the Roosevelt area than I had planned on. My nurse's health is not very good at the moment. Maybe I'll get to listen to all of the Anne of Green Gables books. :o)

Just this morning, we were discussing a lady who had emergency surgery for a tumor in her colon, after we discussed what the colon was (where you food goes after your stomach and turns into poo), "E" shook her head and said, "I wonder how they find out such things!"

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