Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving Weekend
We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with our family. On Friday we braved Walmart about 11am and it wasn't too bad. Got a lot of Christmas baking done and got the house decorated for Christmas. Also finished 5 gifts that I was making, only have about 5 more to go. :o) On Saturday, I had some friends over to make Christmas cards. We had a nice afternoon and evening.

Just a FYI, I can no longer access my e-mail at work, so if anyone e-mails me during the day, I won't be able to post the comment until I return home. I used to check my e-mail when I was on hold or during my break, but we are not longer allowed to do that. We ARE supposed to find another way to take breaks, so this could be fun. :o) Cot is at the top of my list right now. The mall is also across the street, maybe I could learn to shop in fast forward. I also thought about seeing if I could save up my breaks and leave early on Fridays. :o)

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