Sunday, July 26, 2009

Duke Update

I haven't posted about Duke lately. He still is a lot of fun to have around and makes it much more bearable when Mike is out of town, especially when the kids are not home. At least I can talk to him and those overhearing don't think I'm totally crazy.

He has been attending Obedience school. He did fairly well until the "Down" command. He would NOT go down and through a little temper tantrum for the instructor. They ended up taking him the the head trainer. She kept him after class, so I guess he was put in detention! She worked with him a bit more and with basically brute force got him down. The kids were there and felt bad for Duke.

I'm happy to say we seem to be over the refusal to go down--he often goes down rather unhappily, but will comply. The instructor was very proud of him last class when he went down. :o) This will be the last class. He has learned sit, stay, heel, and down. His biggest problem is destractions!

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Sarah said...

Distractions are my biggest problem too! ;~)