Monday, July 20, 2009

Finish of Recap of vacation

On July 4th weekend, we drove about two hours to my second cousin's house. My sister met us there!!! :o) :o) Ruth is my grandpa's brother's daughter. She is older than some of my grandpa's sisters. I learned more about my grandpa's immediate family. It was interesting. She scrapbooks and her sister researches geneology. I also got to see pictures of my dad as a boy and hear about their trips to see my grandparents and how much they enjoyed it.

We basically relaxed and caught up on old times. We also got to see the church my Great Uncle did all the stone work on and pastored. Played Scrabble and was utterly KILLED. She can make three words at a time instead of just one!!! I knew I was in trouble when she gave me a list of ALL the possible two and three letter words!!! Unfortunately, the two letter words I wanted to make were never on the list!!! I seem to have ALL letters, or ALL vowels, they don't play well together for me. I did manage to win at Chicken Foot, a domino game.

The kids or Aunt Molly found a wounded butterfly that the kids enjoyed holding and trying to feed. We went to her church on Sunday and then to a nursing home to sing. They also had an Italian themed pot luck.

On Monday morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. YUM, YUM!!!

Then we headed back to IL, picked up my mom and headed home on Tuesday.

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Sarah said...

Cracker Barrel? Trying not to be envious. ;~)

Glad you had a good time with your family!

And I think I've played Chicken Foot before.