Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Mayonnaise Substitutes

Last week we wanted potato salad, but were VERY low on mayonnaise. We used half mayo and half plain yogurt and it tasted really good. We could have also used sour cream, but yogurt is cheaper and healthier. :o) I'm looking forward to trying this in more salads. You could probably use a combination of mayo and yogurt for sandwich spreads also to cut the calories and fat. Of course, mustard is always the best choice for sandwiches since it has almost no calories and no fat! Now to convince my hubby and kids!

***Has anyone else thought about what a weird word mayonnaise is?! I had to open Microsoft Word and type it in to make sure I spelled it right. I think I might use the abbreviation a bit too much! ;O)

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Sarah said...

Mayonnaise looks like a French word, which explains it, doesn't it?

Alea said...

Great tip! We don't eat much mayo at our house and I hate to buy it for one recipe and then leave it to sit.