Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Bedroom Set

We bought a bedroom set last night. We had been looking and ready to buy back in October and then the car died in the furniture parking lot and the money to spend on the bedroom furniture went into the steering column of my car.

My favorite part of the whole buying process was when the saleman was trying to get us to buy a warranty and he basically told us we were buying the cheapest thing in the store by hinting that something could go wrong because "You know that set isn't top of the line."

Gotta love salesmen.

So, off to clean my room and get ready to switch rooms with the girls. They are quite excited to get our blue bedroom since theirs is a rather boring white. Hopefully nothing in the girls room will attack us. It is looking rather scary in there. I had no idea how much stuff can "fall" behind a dresser!!!


Sarah said...

I didn't know you were getting your new set so soon. Yay! May I ask why you're switching rooms?

Becky said...

We got a rebate for overpaying our "budget" billing for utilities. Also, this is the cheapest price this set has been since October when someone started watching it. :o) We switched rooms in large degree because I thought about it out loud and then didn't want to disappoint the overhearers who really wanted the blue room. :o) Also, the closet is bigger, so I can put most of my clothes in it since we are going to just a dresser instead of two chest of drawers. The layout also allows four walls for furniture. The other room only three walls.