Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

On Friday I was able to get off work at noon since I already had my 40 hours for the week in. (Due to a trip to Roosevelt, MN which means 8 hours of driving--if you only stop for about 10 minutes each way on the trip.)

I got home and we took the kids ice skating. We ate supper and then began marathon Castle Risk. I am happy to say that I was the winner. Hubby was the first to fall (to "Z" on advice from another shrewd player.) Then I took out "Z" then "T" then "E". "K" was smart enough to have joined the winning team from the beginning. :o) The kids played really well and are beginning to learn strategy. A lot of the game is in the way the dice fall.

On Saturday, we took the kids skiing. Let me preface this with the facts that none of the kids had ever been skiing and I have only gone skiing once in my life when I was 16! Mike has gone skiing about 6 times. The kids did really well. It took some extra work with a couple of them. I skied for about 2 1/2 hours, then put my boots back on and was able to work with "K" better and she really took off. We were at the hill for 6 hours. "E" and "Z" went up the ski lift with Mike and came down the big hill to my complete terror. They both fell rather hard, but don't seem to have any injuries! The kids are wanting to go back again soon. If not this year, we will probably get a family pass next year for Christmas for every one.

It was a truly beautiful day weather wise. Blue sky and about 34 degrees. There was one kid snowboarding in shorts and a long sleeved shirt!!! There was also a bald eagle that kept flying over the ski hill!

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