Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trip to the cities

We got to go on an unexpected trip to the twin cities area. My husband "got to" donate some more time to his company by working today. The rest of us got to tag along. We go to the hotel around 6 pm last night and the we swam for an hour--I sat in the hot tub--the pool was not warm enough for me. This morning hubby went to work and after a hotel breakfast in which the kids got to make waffles and cover them with:
"T"--syrup, chocolate chips and cool whip
"K"--chocolate chips, syrup and cool whip
"Z"--strawberries, syrup, cool whip, chocolate chips and coolwhip
"E"--syrup, stawberries, coolwhip

The kids then swam and played hard in the pool for 3 hours--I had prunes instead of kids. They were able to play with a couple of other kids who were there.

We then had lunch at Chili's. The kids now want to know every place that has a Chili's they were so impressed. (Mainly by the endless chips and salsa.)

We are now back home and the grocery list is calling.


Sarah said...

Just reading about the kids' breakfast makes my teeth kind of ache.

Becky said...

Yes, but I rarely allow them such freedom. You should have seen the pure joy on their faces. :o)