Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Quicker Cutting Up Celery

I used to hate cutting up celery because it took so long to cut up each individual stalk.  Now, I keep the celery bunch together and use a sharp, large knife to cut the whole bunch at the same time.  I basically cut off the very tops, because the ends are all dried out, then I cut off the bottom portion that is unusable, then I cut the rest of the bunch into as large of pieces as I want.  Then I wash the celery.  Yay!  Celery ready to go in about 2 minutes!  You can freeze the leaves to use in soups.

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Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi :-} I followed your 'link up' over from Tammy's Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

I like your picture of all of the aprons. I espically like the full body aprons in the middle!!! Such a wonderful combination of cute and practical. Nice!

You right about how cutting celery can seem to take for ever. I sometimes have to laugh at myself over how impatient I can become in the kitchen. Glad you found yourself a way to speed things along.

loves2spin said...

I do something similar, but just in a different order. I cut off the ends, cut off the root end, carefully wash all the stalks and then sort of pile them up and use a big chef's knife to cut them, several at a time. If I am doing it to freeze, I do it in a food processor. :)