Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Job--the novel

My job has been becoming increasingly difficult, largely due to budget cuts that have affected our business, causing lay offs and an increase in patient loads.  We have seen our nursing department cut by 34% since November.  This has been pretty difficult on my heart.  I have been praying about finding another job, even begged God to give me peace about changing jobs and cried more than a few tears over my job--largely for the people whose lives have been/will be affected. 

About a month ago, God gave me peace to look for another job.  I put in a couple of applications, one I was really interested in, the other not so much.  I prayed that I would only get called to interview for the job that God would give me. It became apparent that I probably wasn't going to get either job, so I went ahead and applied for another one that would be a nurse manager over ENT and Audiology.  I really didn't think I was very interested--after all, all they do is take out tonsils and put tubes in ears.  Not to mention, snot and spit aren't all that appealing!  The more I prayed about it, though, the more I felt I should apply, so I did.  I put my application in a week ago Thursday. 

On Monday, I got a call for an interview.  We set it up for Wednesday at 9am.  On Monday and Tuesday night, I did some research and discovered ENTs do everything from tonsils to face and neck reconstructive surgery to cosmetic surgery to treating cancers.  Audiology also works with people with balance problems.  I also enjoy working with deaf people.  This was sounding a lot more interesting!

On Wednesday, I had to go to Human Resources first to meet with the recruiter.  When I got there, they handed me a ten page job description written in legalize to read.  This wouldn't have been so bad, but they had me sit in the lobby area with three people talking rather loudly about their home renovations and all the difficulties they had and how mean the electrical inspector was, but how nice the building inspector was.  It is not easy job to read and comprehend legalize when you are nervous and have people rather loudly carrying on a conversation! Next, I went over to interview with the gentleman who would be my boss and the recruiter and didn't really feel like my answers were all that great.  I answered their questions honestly.  It was rather nerve racking.  I don't know if I've just blocked out other interviews, but they asked questions like "What is your management style", "If you get this position, what will be your first priority?"  They also asked questions that were really three parts in one!  I remember my brain hurting.  They were really impressed that I had done some research. They told me they had another interview after mine and that they were planning to set up some more interviews for Friday, so I would hear the beginning of this week if I was a "final candidate." 

In the mean time I had really been praying about whether I should tell my boss I was looking for another job.  I knew that conventional wisdom is not to, but felt deceitful a little selfish not letting her know.  I didn't have peace about not letting her know, so when I got back to the office, let her know that I was looking for another job largely due to the insecurity of my current job.  She understood and told me that I had her permission to do what I need to do to get the job, including not giving a four week notice (I had been concerned about needing to give a four week notice because they currently don't have anyone in this position and are anxious to get someone.) 

I went back to my office and my phone rang, it was the clinic calling to see if I could come in on Friday to meet with the doctors because they had liked me at the interview.  Of course, I said yes. 

On Friday, I met with the doctors.  The gentlemand who would be my boss introduced me to them  and others (telling on of the docs they had found me "delightful" at the interview--think he must have been at a different interview because I certainly didn't feel delightful--I did pray afterward that God would allow them to only remember the good things I said and forget the other things) as if I was going to get the position and let me know that I was the only applicant they had brought back.  I was pretty excited.
On Monday afternoon they offered me the job.  I asked about going to the Grand Canyon this fall and they are fine with that.  :o)

God answered my prayers in so many ways.  I had prayed that God would give me a job making at least a dollar less than I do now, He gave me a pay raise!  I also prayed that I would get at least 3 weeks vactation, but really didn't think I would get it--He gave me 18 days!!!  I also have benefits including:  health insurance, dental insurance (totally paid by employer), life insurance (totally paid by the employer), long term disability insurance (totally paid by the employer), continuing education budget for myself, the option of tuition reimbursement, and 7 paid holidays.  I also won't be putting all the miles on my car for work driving around to client's houses and branch office.  :o)

I still have a lot to accomplish at my current job before May10!  I am really going to miss the people I have worked with. 


Sarah said...

Did you really pray for a job making at least a $1/hr less than you make now? If so, why? Just curious/confused.

Becky said...

Yes, I did. I figured that the lack of driving all over would make up for the $1/hour loss. It was really lack of faith. I didn't think that God could give me a job so much better than my current on in this economy. I guess He showed me! And I stand amazed at His goodness!