Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!  It is so wonderful to know that God loved us so much that He sacrified His only Son so that us sinners could go to Heaven to live with Him.  I think the thing that has most amazed me is that Jesus was willing to leave the luxuries of Heaven, come to an imperfect world, knowing He would be mistreated, doubted, mocked and hated.  Then He would die the most horrible death known to man.  It is one thing to agree to something when you don't know what is ahead, but HE DID!  Still He loved us that mouch!  What a wonderful Savior we have.

Below is one of my favorite poems.

"My Advocate"
(by Martha Snell Nicholson)

I sinned. And straightway, post-haste, Satan flew
Before the presence of the most high God,
And made a railing accusation there.
He said, "This soul, this thing of clay and sod,
Has sinned. 'Tis true that he has named Thy name,
But I demand his death, for Thou hast said,
'The soul that sinneth, it shall die.'
Shall not Thy sentence be fulfilled?
Is justice dead?
Send now this wretched sinner to his doom.
What other thing can righteous ruler do?
"And thus he did accuse me day and night,
And every word he spoke, O God, was true!

Then quickly One rose up from God's right hand,
Before Whose glory angels veiled their eyes. He spoke,
"Each jot and tittle of the law
Must be fulfilled; the guilty sinner dies!
But wait -- suppose his guilt were all transferred
To Me, and that I paid his penalty!
Behold My hands, My side, My feet! One day
I was made sin for him, and died that he
Might be presented, faultless, at Thy throne!"
And Satan flew away. Full well he knew
That he could not prevail against such love,
For every word my dear Lord spoke was true!

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