Friday, February 6, 2009

Adventures in Parenthood

"Z" told me on Wednesday night that he had the "puke burps". Yesterday, his tummy didn't feel well, so he stayed home from school and according to daddy was a little less rambunctious than usual, but didn't seem too sick. This morning, he said his tummy didn't feel good at first, but then decided he could eat breakfast and go to school. He said he did not feel like he would get sick.

On the way to school however...
Yeap, you guessed it and in the car!!! "T" also got sick in sympathy, I guess, but thankfully, I had pulled over and he was able to just redecorate the snow. My wonderful hubby didn't want to change vehicles with me--can you imagine???--So much for true love!

So, the neon has been redecorated again by the kids. Poor thing!

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Sarah said...

Oh, no! What a way to start your day.