Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off to the doctor...

"E" went to the doctor today. She is doing well. The X-ray showed that the bones were aligned properly. She has two pins, they remind me of the pins we used in Biology class to pin down the poor subject we were dissecting. At least that is how they look on the X-ray. The doctor decided to leave her in her soft cast until next Friday since is was still in good shape, rather than risk moving the bone out of alignment. Poor Emily, she still doesn't have that promised pink cast (though now she thinks she might go with pink/purple/green camouflage). The doctor also doesn't want her using the sling all the time, so she isn't real happy about that. The sling has become her security. The doctor doesn't want her dependent on the sling.

Well, I need to go, I need to get to planning all those wild and crazy risk taking adventures I can now undertake since Emily has graciously allowed us to meet our insurance deductible so early in the year. I hear if you buy one of the new Corvettes that is as fast as a Ferrari, Chevy will pay for you to go to High Performance Driving School. I think I'll start there...Shouldn't be too hard to talk my hubby into the Corvette when I explain it cost 1/3 of what the Ferrari costs AND it would help out Chevy AND the economy. What's $110,000 when you can go 200mph in about 13 seconds??? :o) I guess no more reading Motor Trend in the doctor's office, huh? BTW, not all Corvettes start at 100,000, the basic model is about 45,000, but this one has a little extra horsepower. :O)

Don't you think I'd look great behind the wheel, though? :o)

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Sarah said...

I think you should stay away from that magazine!! :~)
Glad to hear that the arm is doing well.