Thursday, February 19, 2009

All are well, hopefully we'll stay that way...

Right now, everyone in the family is over the stomach flu. Hopefully we'll stay that way. "E" has managed to keep her title of "Only one to aviod the stomach flu" :o). I spent some of my "sick" time looking for a dog to adopt, learning about dog training, and the evils of puppy mills. Do you detect a theme? I sent in our application to the Minnesota Boxer Rescus this morning and received a reply e-mail within 15 minutes and they had called my vet within half an hour (before I had read the reply e-mail that I should call the vet to let them know they'd be calling)! Hopefully we'll pass. They have a dog that looks adorable and is good with kids. We are leaving the dog adoption in God's hands. The kids are still praying for the "right dog to come along". :o)

You can see the dog we are somewhat interested in below. She isn't ready for adoption yet, but we aren't quite ready either. We wanted to get our application in, though so we can be ready when the right dog is.

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