Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Loooooooong Night/ E earns 4 new titles

I was in the midst of recreating my blog page when "K" came downstairs to say that she and "E" had fallen out of bed. "E" followed behind and said her arm hurt. Her arm bent ABOVE the elbow instead of at the elbow. We quickly threw clothes on her and I got her to the Cloquet ER. She had fractured the bottom of her humerus bone off. The Cloquet on-call Orthopedic surgeon felt she needed a Pediatric Ortho Surgeon, so after two shots of Morphine and a splint, hubby and I headed for the big town nearby with X-rays in hand. Thank you so much to the friend who we woke up so she could come stay with the other kids.

"E" came through surgery fine and will hopefully get the pink cast she was counting on soon. Right now she has an ACE bandage one. She is a little proud of her four new titles that no sibling will be able to take away!
  1. First kid to break a bone
  2. First kid to stay in the hospital
  3. First kid to get stiches
  4. First kid to have surgery.
Thanks for all your prayers!

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Sarah said...

Glad she made it through surgery ok. Tell her we're praying for her (I'm glad she has some things to make her happy despite the pain she had to go through). :~)