Friday, June 5, 2009

Please Pray for me

I have had an interesting week at work. I am trying to have a good attitude, but am having a very difficult time. I can usually do some mental gymnastics and find a positive spin to put on things, but am having a really difficult time. The gymnast keeps falling off the balance beam!!! Since I am over others, I generally try to put a positive spin on new "developments" that will not be cheerfully accepted. This week has been a test for me in putting a happy smile on MY face and dealing with it. I even put a sticky note on my desk that says "It WILL get better" (IWOP--it's worse other places), however I keep having to resist the urge to tear it up--not good!! It's just been tough in that I get my attitude somewhat in check and then have more junk dumped on me. On a positive note, maybe I can put this job on my resume when I decide to be an agent for Hollywood types--I will have lots of experience in putting a positive spin on unpleasantness. :o) Maybe I'll put a sticky note on my desk that says "This is just practice for when you are the agent for a really famous person." :o)

P.S.--Don't worry I really have no aspirations about being an agent. I am just trying to add some humor. Maybe this is a gymnast that SHOULD fall off the balance beam! I do realize that being an agent would make this job seem like a cake walk--most days anyway. :o)

Thanks for listening, I feel better. Hope this doesn't make too many people think I am ready for the loony bin!

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Sarah said...

I was thinking more that it might be good preparation to be a politician! ;~)
I'll pray that things get better.