Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend recap

This weekend was a quiet one in that we didn't have anything planned. I did a lot of cooking. Unfortunately, I had a couple of goofs! I hate it when I waste food!!! The kids played outside with the neighbor kids literally all day on Saturday. They seemed to have a lot of fun as evidenced by the lack of crying and fighting. :o)

Yesterday we officially welcomed our new assistant pastor and his family. They seem to be great people. I am looking forward to their ministry with us.

The true adventure was moving the HUGE freezer in our basement that came with the house because there is no way to remove it without calling in experts! (We are having an electrician come to upgrade our electrical to breakers instead of fuses. and the freezer was in the way.) It is so big I was afraid to look in it because you could put a whole football team of dead bodies in it! Hubby and I got the job done. We found some intersting stuff behind it--including cleaning products we have never heard of and two axes. Interesting place to hide the axes! (NOT ours!)

For your amusement:

Rules to Live By--Minnesota Style

1. Der’s only one God, ya know.
2. Don’t make the fish on your mantle an idol.
3. Cussing ain’t Minnesota nice.
4. Go to church even when you’re up Nort.
5. Honor you folks.
6. Don’t kill. Catch and release.
7. There is only one Lena for every Ole. No cheatin’.
8. If it ain’t your lutefisk, don’t take it.
9. Don’t ya be braggin’ about how much snow ya shoveled.
10. Keep your mind off you neighbor’s hotdish.

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Sarah said...

I was amused to hear that you finally tackled that coffin - I mean freezer - in your basement (is the location of the axes just a coincidence???). It was so monstrously huge that I wondered if it would always remain untouched.