Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Review

On Friday night we went to Kohl's to look for dress clothes for Timothy. I had a 30% off coupon. I got two polo shirts, two long sleeve shirts, four sweater vests, two dress shirts, a pair of jeans and a suit jacket for $41. The bottom of the receipt said I saved $280.00! :o) :o) I got a couple of household item also that are needed for the new bathroom when it gets finished (the contractor is done with his part, we just need to finish the painting and fix where Duke ate part of the door frame!).

On Saturday, we went to a Pancake breakfast for the daughter (Kara) of one of the nurses I work with. Kara has leukemia and is the mother of four children, ages 7 and under. Please pray for her. Then we went to the Great Lakes Aquarium. The kids had chosen this as their completed school reward. We now have a membership that allows our whole family to go for a year at no ADDITIONAL charge. So, if you come visit us this year, we'll probably take you to the aquarium. :o) We then had a picnic for the Young adults and then hubby was asked to drive the bus for the youth activity, so we stayed for that also. We got home about 7:45pm and had to get ready to Sunday. :o)

Sunday was busy and we had a nice day. We had a missionary to the Czech Republic. He and his family were an encouragemet.

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