Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on Work

Work is better than last week, except...we discovered that the legislature passed a new law about PCA services that overhauls them. Many of the changes are needed and should have occured a long time ago. This was a suprise to us because we had been watching a bill that was supposed to change PCA services. I had read it (FUN!) and we were basically already doing everything. They didn't pass that bill, instead they put the overhaul of PCA services in the omnibus bill that is 378 pages long!!! (Sneaky politicians!)

You should have seen me on Wednesday. I found the bill and pushed "print" only to realize it was 378 pages. I quickly pulled the cable out of my computer and deleted the print! I then searched each page for personal care and printed each of those out--only about 100 pages. :oP I have been reading/rereading it to sort it all out. TOO MUCH fun. There is a reason I am NOT a lawyer! I have two pages of notes so far! My boss and I have this fried our brains in Law school look and we are not even studying to be lawyers!

Did I mention we are unsure when this all goes into effect. We know at least some of it does on July 1. Not to worry, it's only the middle of June. At least life isn't boring.

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