Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adventures at the Hospital

Today I went to the hospital with a friend who was having surgery. I was a little nervous because I don't know my way around the hospitals here, even though I have lived here for about 11yrs. (I really hate it when I don't know where I am going. I have this irrational fear that I will end up wandering around and then someday someone will find my skeleton in some deserted hallway and solve the great mystery of what happened to me!) I've decided that it is a good thing to not know my way around the hospitals because that means I don't work there and haven't had anyone close to me sick enough that I've become familiar with the hospitals. My method of navigating the hospitals is to read signs and ask the little information desk people or pretty much anyone wearing what appears to be a badge where I am supposed to be going!

When we got to the hospital, I was sent to a waiting room to wait until they had my friend ready for surgery, then I could go sit with her until the surgical people came to take her away. I was told to check in at the waiting room desk so they could find me when they needed me. I dutifully filled out the little piece of paper, had my parking ticket stamped, chatted with the little volunteer lady, who said she needed new glasses. I then went and sat to wait. About half an hour later, another volunteer lady who was at the desk when I checked in came and with a somewhat school teacher like tone asked me to please come register because I hadn't. I went to the desk, explained I had--she looked at me and said, "Well we don't have you down anywhere." I felt like a naught elementary student! I filled out the paper again. The lady who NEEDED new glasses asked if she could stamp my parking ticket. I explained that she already had. She said, "Well I've never seen you before!" I said, "actually we talked about how you needed new glasses." "Oh, did we?" she said. They found my previous slip and apologized. I told them to give me some free coffee and I'd call it even. :o) (They always offer free coffee.)

I saw my friend off to surgery, then went back to wait.

After she was out of surgery, a little gentleman gave me a slip and told me to go back upstairs to post op. He told me the bed number and I was on my way. I was rather proud that I managed to find my way, only having to ask one person! When I got to the bed, though the person occupying the bed was about eighty years old and a MAN!!! My friend is in HER thirties! I went to the desk and the first lady told me, well it says bed 13, so you need to go over there. I explained that if they had done that to my friend in surgery she was NOT going to be very happy!!! I finally found someone helpful and they just giggled and said the voluteer guy was a little confused, she called and found out where my friend really was for me. :o)

Did I mention I brought chlorox wipes with me (in a baggy) to wipe down the table before I set up my computer. I know this is probably a sign of OCD. Actually I prefer CDO--it's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but the letters are in alphabetical order--the way the SHOULD be! Hospitals really gross me out, especially during flu season! The older I get the more they disgust me--probably due to the wisdom that comes with getting older, right! I can't count how many times I used the hand sanitizer today. When I walked in the door tonight, my husband asked me "Did you catch anything"? Only time will tell--still taking my Vitamin C and Zinc, though!

For those of you who know my friend, the surgery went well, but the recovery is never easy and is unfortunately pretty painful, so please pray for her. She's looking for volunteers to trade places with her!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear that things went well and that you could be there as a support. I'm sure she appreciated that!

Your story about the lady (who really needed glasses and maybe some ginkgo biloba) was hilarious (I'm glad you were able to squeeze some humor out of it!)!

And also too funny about what the surgery turned her into :~).

suzann said...

For me I pick COD,as I often feel like a fish out of water in those places. Prayers for your friend on a speedy and less painful recovery. And I do not feel any amount of germ OCD is too much at a hospital during flu season.lol. Am enjoying your blog. THX.