Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

Walking Barefoot in the Snow!

Friday was a beautiful day. It was in the 70's!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a beautiful week, really, but to walk out your door at 6:30 in the morning and have it already in the 40's is pretty exciting! Then to look at the thermometer in the van and have it say 76 is amazing, I actually drove by a bank to make sure the van thermometer didn't have a fever!

When we got home from work, we immediately left for a state park. We hiked around the park. (Note to self: When hiking in the spring, do not wear nice shoes or clothes--they end up caked/splattered with mud!) The dog was also rather splattered. He cleaned himself up, though--gotta love that dog!!! Anyway, as "E", "K" and I were walking across the parking lot, "T" and "Z" were walking across the snow pile. I looked at "E" and "K" and said, "Should we walk across the snow pile barefoot?" "E" said, "I will if you will." So...I said "Okay". "K" took off her shoes and put a foot on it and chickened. "E" and I walked across barefoot! I don't really recommend it. The snow kind of cuts into your feet, not to mention all the interesting stuff that's in the snow from being plowed! It's also a little scary when your foot sinks in past your ankle and you hope that you aren't going to sink any further!!! The upside is that once you get across and walk on the pine needles and pine cones on the ground, you can't feel them!!! After going and bragging to the boys about our accomplishments, we braved the snow pile again for pictures with "K" and "Z" joining us. (I guess they decided they could do it if we survived.) "T" and hubby kept their shoes on--spoil sports! I'm pretty sure the kids won't forget the day we walked barefoot in the snow! :o)

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