Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I may not be able to post for the next couple of days or post comments. I did get my post for Think on These Things Thursday ready and it is scheduled to post tomorrow. :o) We are going with a new internet carrier at home and am not sure how big of a gap there will be.

Also, my work office is moving today, so who knows what will or will not work at the new one. :op I'm sure you all are jealous that you don't get to share in the excitement of moving. We got everything packed up over the last week. Thankfully we have movers to move everything!!! The next week will be interesting getting settled into a new place.

I'm having to redo the decor in my office due to new colors. I'll post a picture once it is all done. :o) I already did a new photo board for the family pics. The color of my office is a bluish/aqua called what better pictures to use than ones of my trip to Israel! I just have to decide what pics/frames/sizes, etc. Then decide on arrangement of furniture, window treatments, unpack...Wow I'm suddenly tired and I've only been up for 90 minutes!!! ;O)

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