Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gotta Love the Snow!

Every March and April, we here in the Northland hope that Spring will actually come. The snow melts and the temperatures are in the 40s and we get EXCITED that spring may have actually come. Yet, there is that nagging knowledge that--didn't this happen last year and then we got that snow storm and then that snow storm and then that snow storm... Anyway, we got one of those snow storms yesterday and it is supposed to snow more today. The problem with spring snow is that it is HEAVY to shovel and slippery to drive in.

My hubby went out of town for work yesterday, so I picked up the kids and came home. We did fine until I went to pull the van up on the street. The van slid sideways and hit the curb. Guess what, NO traction to back up and I couldn't pull forward. :o( :o( :o( I sent "T" over to a friends house to shovel, whose husband is out of town with mine. I shoveled our area. Then tried to move the van again. It wasn't going anywhere without help. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I HATE to ask for help, especially from guys I don't really know. It's not a shy thing so much as a pride thing. I know, shame on me. It took 3 men to push the van enough I could get traction. My sister said it's okay to ask for help from guys if it ends up taking 3 of them to do what I couldn't do. :o) Thanks sis! It was wonderful that God provided 3 men to help me at just the right time. I sent the kids to get a neighbor and then 2 others happened by to see my predicament and helped out.

This morning, "T" and I were able to return the favor to a young girl who works at the school who arrived earlier than the snow plow and got plowed in. We shoveled out her car for her--without her knowing. :o) It was kind of fun.

Isn't it great how God provides for us in our times of trouble.

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