Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whole Wheat vs. Wheat Clarification

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Since people have become more aware of the importance of eating whole grains, companies have become sneaky in marketing their products and making them seen healthier than they are.

100% Whole Wheat/Grain--This means that the product only contains Whole Wheat/Grains

Made with whole grain--This basically means that the company can put very little whole grain percentage wise in the product, but consumers will think it is healthy.--Look at the fiber content. It there is not 3+ grams of fiber, its probably doesn't have much in the way of whole grains.

Wheat--Again, no specific amount of whole grains--can just be added caramel coloring. This is a great one for crackers. I was in a hurry and grabbed the wheat saltine crackers, thinking I was choosing the healthier product. They had the same amount of fiber--less than one gram as the other saltines!

Bottom line--read the fiber content! This is a good indication of how "whole grain" the product is. I now read fiber content more than calorie.

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Sarah said...

Those marketers are sneaky folks.