Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on "E"

"E" finally got her hot pink cast today! Her arm and the insertion points of her pins look great, no signs of infection, the Nurse Practitioner (NP) said that "they don't look any better than that". :o) (Though I have to admit that seeing what appears to be small Allen wrenches poking out of your child's arm is a little disconcerting.) "E" was creaped out by "how skinny" her arm is and by the pins. You can see the bone already starting to heal on the X-ray. The NP says that that it is a sign of "a healthy inner well-being". I think it has to do with all the prayers. :)

"E" may only have the cast for one more week and go to a splint that she can take off at "quiet times" so she can start moving her elbow. Six weeks in the cast could cause her to lose range of motion in her elbow (possibly permanently) due to it being immobilized for so long.

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Sarah said...

Well, that is great news! I was surprised to hear the cast may only be on for a week.