Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on E--Goodbye pink cast

Today we went to see the Nurse Practitioner. It was a bit of a stressful time for "E'. First they sawed off her cast. This is a little unnerving! Then they took X-rays, which is pretty scary for her without the cast because she is afraid her arm will start hurting again or break again. I don't blame her at all. I think that more than anything she is afraid of feeling the pain again that she felt when she broke it!

The X-rays show great bone healing (thanks to all who have prayed for her)! This meant that she could get her pins taken out. This was really a scary thought! My stomach hurt and I wasn't even the one getting pins out! The nurse practitioner assured us that it really wasn't "inhumane" to take them out without sedation, which made "E" feel much better. (eyeroll) She cried a few tears before in anticipation, but none during or after. :o) The thought of having them out truly was much worse than actually having them out. Thanks to all who prayed today! Here is a picture of her arm with the pins in case you were curious. Don't look too close if you are squeamish!
"E" now has a splint that can be removed at quiet times. The splint is fiberglass underneath with a ace wrap over it. We are planning on decorating the ace wrap with some stamps and permanent marker. Her arm is very stiff and hard to bend. She can't touch her nose with that arm because she can't bend it that much, so it is good that she is out of the cast! Please keep praying for a full recovery.


Sarah said...

I'm glad she has that part of the process over with! How much longer do they think it will take her to have a complete recovery? Or does it just vary by person?

Becky said...

It varies by person. She has another appt. in 3 weeks, they hoping she will have almost full range of motion back by then, if not they will "crank up the movement"--whatever that means. She would have another follow up after that, also. I'm guessing at least another month to be "back to normal."