Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day "Fun"

Today when I got up and picked out my clothes, I didn't even think about it being St. Patrick's Day. "T" saw me in the hall and reminded me "to wear green." I let the kids know that Daddy didn't have on green (a little unkind since he was still in bed, but it WAS true :o). The kids descended upon him to pinch him. A little later I saw "Z" who was dressed in red white and blue--so everyone would chase him to try to pinch him. He was most distressed, though when caught and pinched because he only wanted people to CHASE him, NOT pinch him!!! "E" thought it was very unfair that I had told the kids that Daddy did not have on green since he hadn't had a chance to get dressed yet, to which I pointed out I hadn't told them to pinch him, that was THEIR choice! Isn't it great to have holidays that can be such a bonding time for the family! :o)

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