Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on "E"

I hadn't posted yet about how God has been watching our for "E" during this time.

1. We originally went to the ER in the small town we live in, but the Orthopedic Surgeon here said she needed a Pediatric Ortho, so we went to a larger hospital. I'm thankful he didn't attempt the surgery and then say "Oops!"
2. The surgeon on call did a wonderful job fixing her arm. It looks "textbook". Recent friends who have had surgery and had complications make me even more thankful for this!
3. The doctor who did her surgery went on a Mission's trip to Africa, so we went to see a Pediatric Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner. (The doctor who actually did E's surgery is an adult hand specialist, but does pediatrics when she is on call.) The NP told us that they only leave kids in long arm casts for 3-3 1/2 weeks because they have found that kids can lose range of motion in their elbow if left in longer. The doctor who did the surgery had planned to leave "E" in the cast for 6 weeks. It was a bit of a painful process, dealing with doctor's office politics (including an e-mail to Africa, consultation with another doctor), but we finally got an appointment on Thursday to have the pins out and then she will be in a splint which she can take off at "quiet" times to start bending her elbow.

I am so thankful God saw fit to schedule a Mission's trip to Africa at the precise time "E" would need to see a pediatric ortho provider so her arm could be taken care of properly. I don't want to be negative about the doctor who did her surgery, she did a wonderful job, but kids and adults are totally different in the way they heal. :o)

So far, "E's" arm repair has cost more than a new car--do you think she'll be happy when I hand her her pink cast when she is 16 and tell her to take it for a drive? :o) (God has provided good insurance and a tax return that will cover, thankfully!)


Sarah said...

Somehow I can't see you hoarding a used pink cast for the next 7 years, though. . .

Becky said...

I can definitely hoard a pink cast that represents over $15,000 in medical bills. In fact, I just might leave it on "E's" dresser to remind her of the cost of disobedience. :o)