Friday, March 13, 2009

Be thankful for God's blessings...

It is easy to think that your life is rough, however there is usually always someone nearby who would love to have your difficulties and give you theirs. We need to remember that God is always with us and be thankful for all He does for us. We often forget to be thankful for: our job, health, a family that loves us, a church family that loves us, good friends, cars that run, a nice place to live, all the "house slaves" we are blessed with these days (I wasn't talking about the kids, but the fridge, stove, etc!), children, God who loves us, is always with us and gave us the Bible, and the list could go on and on.

The kids and I went to Wendy's yesterday. After picking up "K" from piano lessons, I realized there was no way I could have supper on the table before about 7:15pm, which then makes getting the kids ready for bed and homework a little difficult by 8pm. I also had a pretty good idea that I would be taking a meal to a friend tonight, so I needed to get stuff ready for that. Anyway, we went to Wendy's--ate all 5 of us for less that $10 :o) and while I was standing at the check out, there was a little container there to donate money to the family of one of their workers who:
1. Lost their 5 month old in December to SIDS
2. On Valentine's Day, the husband and two boys were in a car accident. The dad is still at St. Mary's on life support, expected to be there for months, one of the little boys suffered a broken leg and traumatic brain injury and is still in the hospital, and the other little boy was injured and still recovering, but is expected to be okay.
3. The mom obviously can no longer work.

Please pray for the Johnson family. I am praying about if there is more we as a family should do also.

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Sarah said...

Oh, wow. We do have a lot to be thankful for.