Monday, March 9, 2009

Gotta Love Northern Minnesota

*This post is to be read with a smile on your face, it was written with a smile.

Well, today the high was nearly 40, we've had several days of above freezing weather, we've been wearing lighter coats, had lots of snow melt, seen the grass in quite a few places and you could almost, almost feel spring in the air... Ah the hope of spring in March...

Ha, Ha, silly Minnesotan, everyone knows that Spring is not for March!!! You are going to have a Blizzard tomorrow with 9-13 inches of snow and single digit temperatures by Wednesday.


P.S. I think it is unkind for bloggers from other parts of the country to talk about how they planted their garden already--don't you know you are causing those of us in Minnesota to covet? :o) We get to plant our gardens in June! (Seriously, this is not an exageration, any sooner and you might get frost!) Oh, well, less time to worry about weeds! :o)

Seriously, I do love living in Minnesota except for March and April. I think we have four seasons up here--Summer, Fall, Winter, and ICK!!!!! or you can say Winter and Road Construction :o) Summer, Fall, and Winter are beautiful and fun, they more than make up for ICK!!!
How to Survive ICK!!!
  1. DO NOT for ANY REASON travel more than 30 minutes South. You might realize that the rest of world actually has Spring in March or April.
  2. Start singing MAY showers bring JUNE flowers--this will help to alleviate the disappointment of snow in April and no flowers in May.
  3. DO NOT look at the weather in southern parts of the country, again, you will not realize that the rest of the world has 70 degree weather when you are expecting a blizzard. (Thanks, mom :o))
  4. When friends or family who live South of you start to talk to you about their weather, start singing LA, LA, LA very loudly so you don't have to hear that others have better weather. :o)
  5. Be a little crazy.
  6. Be thankful for where God has put you. Bloom where you are planted. There are much worse places to live! They don't get to do all the fun things we get to do in winter, like snow tubing, skiing, polar bear plunges, ice skating outside, etc.

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