Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who's teaching Who?

On Monday night, "T" was supposed to go with his cub scout troop to the TV station to tour the station and then watch the 5:30 newscast live. The person who was supposed to take him had a busy day at work and forgot about it. "T's" response was "That's life, you don't always get what you want." He really wasn't upset at the forgetful parent.

He also said that he wasn't as mad about it as I was about the plastic lid melted all over my stove and ruined Easter dinner. (You can read more about this on next Tuesday's Kitchen Tip when I tell about how to get melted plastic off your stove--IF I am successful at getting the remaining plastic off on Saturday!) I guess I need to be careful that my initial response is more kind like my son's. After I had a couple of minutes to process the whole situation, I really wasn't upset at the individual who melted the plastic all over my stove anymore.

The other rather encouraging thing is that I tell my kids all the time when disappointments come "That's life, things don't always work out like we want" or similar. At least one kid is listenting! Now I need to listen to myself a little better!

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Sarah said...

What a mature response from your son! It must be very encouraging to see that he's listening to you & applying it to his life. And this was also a good reminder to me to watch my reactions, especially in front of my kids.