Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds

The kids and I traveled back to IL yesterday. I have to admit that 72 and sunny yesterday was quite blissful. We stopped at a rest area in northern IL and took some time to soak up some rays. Today I did some shopping and really enjoyed getting back into the van and the van was hot!!! I realize I would get tired of this but it was nice for today. Tonight we drove through the country and past where I grew up. It was fun but also a little sad to see all the changes and "missing" houses or houses/barns that are in disrepair. I know that everything changes, but just miss the "comfort" of old memories matching the present.

We went to dinner at DiCarlos which is a wonderful pizza place. Best pizza ever! We started going there when I was a little girl and the owner's little girl would come eat pizza with us. The owner remembered us also. Too bad my sis couldn't be here!

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