Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rummage Saling

So, I've been a little date challenged this month and I gave our kid watcher the day off yesterday, thinking it was next week when I am taking to day off.  Mike and I halved the day, he went to work in the morning, and I in the afternoon.  This gave the kids and I a chance to go to a friend's rummage sale.  I found several kitchen items, including tupperware canisters and a couple of Christmas gifts. 

Today, the kids and I hit the jackpot!!!  We went to a Friends of Animals (not sure why but I always giggle at that name and kind of makes me want to open a Butcher shop across the street named Enemies of Animals...) rummage sale.  We got for $5--Me--2 pair of brand new shoes and two sweaters, Z--Spill the Beans, shirt and a movie, E--Nancy Drew Book and a pair of shoes, K--shirt and Junior Apples to Apples.  Not bad for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!  --As E just reminded me, we did throw in an extra quarter--it was really on $4.75.  :)

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