Monday, December 15, 2008

The Blizzard Part 2

Well, the big storm has ended. We ended with about 6 inches of snow. They had predicted "up to 24, " so I guess their prediction was right. Don't you love weather forcasting, though. They predict something vague so they are always right. I could be a weather forcaster--there is a 50% chance of precipitation every day--either it will or it won't. The wind is what makes a blizzard a blizzard and we did get that. It is always amazing to me to look out and see the art forms that are created by the wind. I also love to see everything covered in nice, clean snow.

The kids and I enjoyed being indoors most of yesterday. We were able to get all of our Christmas gifts wrapped and made four different types of fudge--Rocky Road, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, White chocolate/Peppermint, and Chocolate Mint. They really enjoyed crushing the peppermint candies with a hammer! We were going to make caramel popcorn, but I was out of brown sugar--apparently I forgot to add it to the list. The kids didn't mind eating the popcorn I had popped BEFORE I realized I was out of brown sugar! ;o)

The blizzard left behind subzero temperatures, which really is not very kind since now you have to go out and shovel. Hubby and "T" have been out shoveling and are back in already. We kept up with the snow yesterday, so it wasn't so bad this morning. Our neighbor also came down with his snowblower. "T" LOVES to shovel which is a huge blessing since our mechanical snowblower has turned into a take-up-spacer and hasn't blown snow in about 2 years!


Sarah said...

Did you all make it to work and school today, though?

I wasn't quite as productive yesterday as I'd planned, but I did do all the church Christmas cards! And took a lovely, much-needed nap.

And I love how the snow has covered up the construction (deconstruction) ugliness!

Becky said...

We made it in safe and sound. Much less scary of a trip than the way home from church yesterday! I was the first one in to the office. The door wasn't shoveled very well and we don't have a shovel becuase the landlord generally does it. I discovered that if you have a good pair of boots you can follow these steps to clear away the snow:
1. Shove the door open as far as possible so it will clear a path.
2. Stomp on the snow to break up the ice underneath.
3. Push the snow to the side with your boots. Repeat until area is clear.
4. Ignore the odd looks you are getting from those passing by. :o)

Sarah said...

And I can totally picture you doing that, too. :~)