Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Tubing

My mom, sis, kids and I went snowtubing. It was quite an adventure. There is a rope on a pully system to pull you up the hill, which is WONDERFUL--walking up the hill more than once would have been pretty tough. The rope adds lots of adventure--you see, hanging onto the rope is nearly impossible with the gloves/mittens needed to avoid frostbite. You basically need to lay on the rope so that it is tight against the intertube and as soon as you do, off you go, which makes taking a kid with you a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I zoomed up the hill a couple times without the child! "Z" is quite tenacious and was amazingly able to hang on, even if he didn't get on the tube. One time he hung on to my boot, dragging in the snow the whole way up--he thought is was an adventure. My mom also went with us. She accidentally ended up going down the up, which was quite hilarious! I'm ashamed to admit it, but my sister and "K" had the record for the farthest stop coming down! I also learned that going down on my stomach with a child in the middle of my back lends new meaning to the phrase "snap, crackle, pop"! My stomach touched the snow through the middle of the intertube. We all had a great time and many laughs. We even managed to stay warm!

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